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About Me

I'm a 40-year-old living in Dallas, TX with my wife and two cats. My adult journey began at the University of Oklahoma with dreams of being a meteorologist. Realizing I couldn't compete with the crazy Okie storm chasers, I found my niche in technology. I bought a computer, learned some HTML, then got lucky and started developing web applications for a living.

About This Site

This site is my personal playground. It's here that I try new things or perfect something I've learned in my day job. It's an avenue to try and bully my creative side until it provides a few decent graphics. Here I bash my keyboard until I learn something new about CSS. This is where I play with external APIs to figure out how to play nice with others. It's my digital home, so please take off your shoes and clean up after yourself.

Oh, one more thing, it's under major construction right now. I had planned to release this version when my host supported .NET 4, but my old (ancient) site wouldn't port to my new host because I lost the solution.

What I Do

I have been developing web applications since 2004, and been playing on the web a number of years before that. I have extensive experience with C#.NET from 1.0 all the way through 4.0.

Currently I work for Pariveda Solutions as an IT consultant. We're a nice group of people who strive to provide world-class solutions to problems that you sometimes don't even realize you have. It's fun, challenging, and extrememly dorky; right up my alley.